Facing The Music


We had a moment, just one moment
That will last beyond a dream, beyond a lifetime
We are the lucky ones
Some people never get to do all we got to do

Carole King, Now and forever  


We loved music. Listening to it. Watching it. Even singing it in the car at the top of our lungs. We couldn’t get enough Broadway. In fact, one of our earliest dates was to Hairspray, where my then new boyfriend suitably impressed me as much with the front row seats he procured as a bird’s eye view of Harvey Fierstein.

I often teased this thoughtful, musical guy about his Rudy Vallee voice but I admit it was a good tenor. I could hear him singing shower show tunes – on the next floor! (He never knew I taped him, standing outside the bathroom, during full voice one day. I felt bad (as I laughed) at the time, but am so glad now I have yet another piece of him.)

A natural on stage, a ham actually, he inspired my granddaughter to follow suit in community theater. He encouraged her gorgeous voice, sending her to drama lessons and including her with us to so many Broadway shows. Music had a central part in our wedding, too. We sang to each other as we danced to a song that always spoke to us, Colin Raye’s All My Roads:

I don’t regret a single broken heart
That taught me what love is and what it’s not
Someone must have planned our two paths would cross
I couldn’t see it then but I was never lost

We were both insatiable readers, and competitively slogged through nightly crossword puzzles together. Often, we’d reminisce about the stunning sculptures in Rome’s Borghesi Museum and we talked creative shop constantly, brainstorming advertising ideas, each having the other side of the same coin. On the other hand, this sophisticated guy would regale me with funny, often weird voices to make me laugh (or irritate me when I was trying to hear the last minutes of a tv show). He loved puns and just plain nonsense because, like Dr. Seuss said “it wakes up the brain cells’ and he constantly kidded about his ‘young brain’. Cultured. Bright. Funny. Creative. Musical. He was the package.

Music and lyrics are still where I go to find what I can’t articulate and I guess Garth Brooks sang it best:

 And now I’m glad I didn’t know
The way it all would end, the way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance; I could have missed the pain
But I’d of had to miss the dance.

He was the ultimate tough act to follow.  Well played, ‘kiddo’, well played.



4 thoughts on “Facing The Music

  1. Your description of your relationship with Rich…so raw so real and like the song from Wicked goes…”because I knew you I have been changed for good.”


    • Thank you for your comment….You must have known that’s yet another song that is so powerful to me….We finally got to see it about a year ago and loved every second. Remembering other lyrics in that song is a little scary but true ‘now it’s up to you, for both of us, it’s up to you.


  2. WOW !!!!! powerful stuff here. All about living life to the fullest and savoring it. It’s always worth taking chances because if one doesn’t, there’s the probability that the good things in life will pass you by.


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