about me

Word chick. Design Diva. Witty Widow.

One crisp October night in 2015, I went from wife to widow in an instant. No warning. No goodbye.  When we took our wedding vows, we discoverd cancer would be the third partner in the marriage.  Creative, brave, fun, and loving, this guy was the love of my life.

With a disruptive, insidious elephant in the room, anything can happen – and everything did. We didn’t outsmart cancer’s sneaky presence, but my handsome, vibrant, generous PR guy lived large in the world until the day he died. We had a much different life than we ever envisioned but, in the end — we lived.

Ever his partner, in business and life, I continue the crazy journey, carving my own path with tears, gratitude — and a damn lot of humor.

Join me.